Long Time Away

  I feel so rotten that I haven’t posted in so long. Honestly? Time just got away from me. I suppose that happens to all of us at some point in time.  There really hasn’t been too much that has happened. Life seems to be on a steady (ish) road. At least for now.
   We have been actively searching for solutions to our little “Bad Credit” issue.  I think I’ve said it before. We love where we’re living. But this little 1000 sqft 2 bedroom townhouse is too small for a family of 5. We met with  someone this weekend who is going to help us fix our credit. He said realistically we can look at being in a house of our own by next August. AMAZING!  Sometimes I just really lose hope for change. I think we all do at some point in time right?
  SO with renewed hope I begin to plan. Again.  I have no desire to get caught packing and sorting 5 days before a big move. Perhaps if I have 9 months to plan, sort, de-clutter and save perhaps I can be prepared when the time comes. Well, knowing myself like I do I will likely procrastinate as much as possible until the last possible moment. But there is so much we will need and want.
  So. Once again my focus comes to my kitchen. Poor thing, is so tiny there is hardly any counter space. Let alone storage room for more than what I consider to be a modge podge of the absolute most primitively basic necessities. 
   I truly believe that my most logical actions are to put my safety suit on and properly dispose of the items that currently reside in my kitchen. Well most of it.  My grandmother’s china and my grandfathers mugs that he won in a fishing competition need to find a place of honor worthy of housing such valued sentimental pieces. However most everything else was given to us when we very hurriedly moved into where we are now. So to say they are very used may be the most grand understatement of the year.
    I was using one of my pans today and I found myself thinking “Wow, I can’t believe that I have had these for more than 5 years and they lasted this long!”  We purchased the set at Walmart for $39. All I can say is Never again. I think I’d like to replace them with something I took the time to research and pick out carefully. Of course I feel lost. I don’t even know where to start! But I would like something similar to these: (Sorry I can’t figure out how to add code right this moment -_-  )
5-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Red Cookware Set
KitchenAid Gourmet Aluminum Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, Red
And Don’t even get me started on bake ware! I think I might just have a slight addiction. I have a slight obsession with Vintage Jadeite. I would fill my kitchen with it if I could afford it!:
Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Baking Dishes
Bonjour 3-1/2-Quart Covered Round Casserole
Camp Chef Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan

Rada Cutlery Stoneware Cookie Sheet, Made in USA, 12 x 15 Inch
Calphalon Classic Bakeware 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan
Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone Round
 Goodness, Can I express how much I love to use my kitchen!? Cooking, baking they are so much fun! Mixing bowls? I prefer stainless steel. Mainly because when I am making lemon curd or melting chocolate I like to have the ability to stick the mixing bowl directly in a pan of boiling water.
Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls

Misc Kitchen Tools? Yeah Like a kid in a candy store, I can NEVER make up my mind:
Progressive International Silicone Spatula 3-Piece Set, Red
Core Bamboo 2971 3-Piece Colored Utensil Set, Strawberry
Oxo SteeL 11-Inch Balloon Whisk
Taylor Classic Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer
CDN TCG400 Professional Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer
Progressive International Stainless-Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons, Set of 5
Measuring Cups – 7 Piece Stainless Steel Set by RSVP
Oneida Wing Corkscrew, Chrome Plated Cast Zinc
Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood Large End Grain Prep Station
Ginsu Kotta Series Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel 16-Piece Cutlery Set in Bamboo Storage Block 4816

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

Le Creuset Stoneware 27oz. French Press, Truffle

Geez and this isn’t even everything… I think I’ll take a break!


A Coffee Bar?

I originally found this on pinterest. Of course I repinned it into one of my own boards! This is the perfect space for coffee addicts to have their own place in the home. Thankfully I wouldn’t have any disapproval from my husband since his thoughts on coffee mirror my own.

Click the image to visit The Vintage Wren where this genius space was originally discovered

I really hate having to dig out all the needed items every morning to make coffee.  Actually J makes the coffee way more often than I do.  So when I DO make the coffee I really hate having to dig it out. I would really like to have a space that is dedicated to that heavenly energy giving life substance.  Though, I don’t just want a space for it. I want a space that is attractive to look at. A space that is enticing and uses its “coffee induced wiles” to beckon to me. ” Erin you want to visit me  don’t you? Look at what I can give to you. I have coffee…..” Yup I’m sold.

I think there are a few changes I would make to the setup, only because of personal prefferences. I LOVE the cabinet, so I am really hoping to find one of similar style on Craigslist or at a local thrift store. I’m not big drip brewing  coffee pots, so I’m thinking I need to buy a nicer coffee press maybe one that makes more than 3 cups of coffee. Though I would definitely consider adding an espresso machine! Mainly because I have always wanted one.  I really like this shelf, maybe with these hooks mounted underneath the shelf for coffee mugs.  I would probably paint them one of my accent colors though.  Then I will eventually purchase some canisters from The Jar Store for keeping my coffee beans as fresh as possible. I really like this Apothecary Jar.  For just a little over 1$ you can’t beat that! They would be really nice to hold coffee beans, and sugar. Then I would need to perhaps find some pallet matching mugs!

What do you think?  What would you change to add to your personal style?

I’ve Done It!

I really really have done it! I have made the first… no second? …. thir- you know what we’ll just say I made ANOTHER step toward organizing and decluttering my home. I am very excited because now I can see everything I have in my cabinets. And my counters are mostly cleared off. I still need to get rid of a few things but having taken 5 full trash bags to the curb, I am sure you can imagine my delight.  The most shocking thing is that my kitchen is unbelievably tiny so the fact that I had that many things I could dispose of was really quite mind blowing!

My mind has been stuck in “Home of my own” mode.  I know we’re not there yet. We still have quite a way to go but I am excited and when the time does come I want to be ready.  Since I’ve been working on decluttering the kitchen that is kind of where my mind is today.   About a month ago a friend of mine introduced me to Design-Seeds. It is a website that contains color pallets! It makes it really easy to view colors together and see how they coordinate. Each color in one pallet is pulled from a single photo. Like this:

I really like this color pallet. I do believe this is the one that I shall choose. It feels very warm and welcoming,  I can totally picture myself preparing meals that is painted the first color, that says “Seeds” on it. I really wish they would name their colors.
I would add accents and details based on the other four colors. I.E. curtains, towels, dish rags, ect.

I find both love and amusement in trying to put a room together around a color pallet.

  • Kids cups are important.   I want them to be cute and not very breakable.
  • “Grown up” Glasses are just as important. Personally I find myself feeling less adult-like when I drink from plastic cups
  • Coffee Cups and Saucers are definitely a category of their own. In my house coffee is sacred!
  • Towels and Dish rags
  • Pots and Pans
  • Canisters
  • Pot holders
  • Tableware

What are your necessary kitchen items and accessories? What works for you? What definitely does not work for you? What makes your kitchen welcoming to you?