Not Exactly a Failure

It’s important to break up potential frustration with incredible cuteness. (This is my 3 year old)

We started our chore lists today! I really am kinda excited. However I have made an unfortunate discovery. My 10 year old not only resembles me in looks but also in the motivation to clean. So far it has taken her more than an hour to clean the kitchen. A task I know very well she is perfectly capable of completing.  I believe I will observe her habits during cleaning and see if I can find a way to bring more motivation to her. Perhaps I will make it a race between brother and sister. Whoever finishes their chores first gets some sort of extra privledge? Hmm it’s a thought.
Moving along.  I need to begin the decluttering process.  I stumbled across this on Pinterest:  A Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist it comes from “The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking“. It’s like a bootcamp for cleaning, if you ask me. However it may be exactly what I need to get a good head start on getting this house in shape!  I think that if I focus on 2 small rooms or 1 large room daily it may not be quite so overwhelming.  Kelly (The Author of the blog) also has a series of posts for organizing your home in 31 days and that looks worth looking into also. The problem with that is, I would really like to get something largely noticable accomplished in a week.  She has many posts that look highly beneficial to take the time to read.
These seem to be her most common tips. I really like them! Perhaps I will see what I can do to put them into action.
“Some tips for organizing your own kitchen:

  • Make it pretty.  Pretty spaces are fun to keep tidy.
  • Have less stuff than you have room for. If every space is filled, your whole system will break down the first time you come home with something new.
  • Be creative.  You don’t need expensive organizing tools in order to have an organized kitchen.”

I don’t feel like I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish today. The unfortunate truth is that I am not Mary Poppins, who only needs to snap and items magically return to their places. Nor am I the proud owner of a self cleaning house. I am simply a mom who is easily distracted (Seriously, I would much rather take the kids to the lake than clean.), and would rather waste away reading about how to clean and organize my home than actually put what I read into action. I have become determined to make my house into a home that has a warm comfy atmosphere and pleasant appearance. A home that is something that I can be proud of and I can see evidence of my work.


A New Hope

Nope I am totally not making a Star Wars refference. Today marks a historical moment. Seriously, this one will go down in history! Ok, perhaps it’s only going down in my personal history book but thats beside the point. I have made the greatest step forward. Wanna know what I did? Yeah, you know you do.  I made chore lists!  Three of them. One for myself and one for each of the older kids. I contemplate picking up some picture frames so that I can use them as “Dry Erase” boards that are not only re-usable but somewhat attractive to look at!
Here’s how I structured my lists:

  • Daily Chores
  • Weekly Chores
  • Monthly Chores

Not too complex right?  I added boxes next to each chore so that they can be marked as completed. That always helps me see how much I have actually accomplished. Otherwise I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of cleaning a room.  It also makes it easier to visualize a starting point.
The 3yr old can’t read yet  so I am thinking about making a little star chart for her so she can put stickers on it every time she finishes one of her “chores”. I got lucky with her. So far she actually LIKES to clean! Strange right? I know, she’s under survelance. I am not really sure how thats going to develope but so far she is disgusted by her body being dirty at all. She has to wash her hands as soon as they get dirty EVEN if it’s chocolate. (In this case I try to encourage her to lick her fingers clean but she’s not having that at all.) These are definitely behaviors I would like to encourage but not to the point of them being extreme.
For now, I would really like to spend the next couple of days getting a head start on getting the house cleaned up.  That way I can tear it apart again. There’s just something about cleaning a room so you can make it a mess and then make it cleaner than it was when you started. I suppose perhaps I am a little on the strange side also.
If you are interested in viewing my chore lists you can Download Them Here