Trendy Tuesday: A Very Pink Day

I cannot believe it is already Tuesday again! How does this happen? I’ve no clue.  Perhaps it’s the curse of summer. At the end of every day and think to myself:  “Self, today passed by way tooo quickly. Tomorrow I will be more productive!”
It’s a vicious cycle.

I am in a very pink mood today. Pink happens to be my favorite color, but it takes a special mood to wear more than an accessory or two. I also have a great love for cupcakes and well, any other sort of baked good that happens to be both sweet and tasty. So today I combine the two things:

Untitled #6

This week’s outfit includes:

  • A cute black tank top.
  • Some of my most favorite jeans I’ve found. (These WILL be in my wardrobe one day)
  • Pink shoes that happen to have cupcakes and icecream cones on them! (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • A Very cute pink watch
  • The most gorgeous cupcake necklace I have ever seen!
  • Cute cherry earrings (Cherries definitely go with cupcakes!)
  • Some of the most awesome sunglasses I have ever seen!
  • Amazing pink and silver glittery nailpolish.  Glitter and pink almost always go well together!
  • Imagine smokey eyes with pink and black shadows? Yes please!
  • Last but not least: pink lip gloss! Love love LOVE!


I’ve Done It!

I really really have done it! I have made the first… no second? …. thir- you know what we’ll just say I made ANOTHER step toward organizing and decluttering my home. I am very excited because now I can see everything I have in my cabinets. And my counters are mostly cleared off. I still need to get rid of a few things but having taken 5 full trash bags to the curb, I am sure you can imagine my delight.  The most shocking thing is that my kitchen is unbelievably tiny so the fact that I had that many things I could dispose of was really quite mind blowing!

My mind has been stuck in “Home of my own” mode.  I know we’re not there yet. We still have quite a way to go but I am excited and when the time does come I want to be ready.  Since I’ve been working on decluttering the kitchen that is kind of where my mind is today.   About a month ago a friend of mine introduced me to Design-Seeds. It is a website that contains color pallets! It makes it really easy to view colors together and see how they coordinate. Each color in one pallet is pulled from a single photo. Like this:

I really like this color pallet. I do believe this is the one that I shall choose. It feels very warm and welcoming,  I can totally picture myself preparing meals that is painted the first color, that says “Seeds” on it. I really wish they would name their colors.
I would add accents and details based on the other four colors. I.E. curtains, towels, dish rags, ect.

I find both love and amusement in trying to put a room together around a color pallet.

  • Kids cups are important.   I want them to be cute and not very breakable.
  • “Grown up” Glasses are just as important. Personally I find myself feeling less adult-like when I drink from plastic cups
  • Coffee Cups and Saucers are definitely a category of their own. In my house coffee is sacred!
  • Towels and Dish rags
  • Pots and Pans
  • Canisters
  • Pot holders
  • Tableware

What are your necessary kitchen items and accessories? What works for you? What definitely does not work for you? What makes your kitchen welcoming to you?

Trendy Tuesday

Everyone needs a cute but grungy outfit or two to wear while cleaning. Seriously. Have you ever had one of those days where you get up, take your kids to school, start your daily routine only to be called by the school because one of  your kids is sick? Or discover you have no more toilet paper in the house and have to run to the store? Or my personal favorite “OMG I forgot to deposite my paycheck!” and you have to run out immediately to do said errand.  Personally I really dislike wearing jeans and a nice shirt to clean. It’s just not comfy and it makes moving a little more difficult.  So I tend to wear my pajamas. I really dont care if I get them messed up no one besides myself or my family ever sees them anyway, right?

I think It would be nice to have a cute “cleaning” outfit to wear for everyday so that when those unexpected errands DO come up I can just grab my bag and go and know that I already look decent enough for public viewing. I really really hate looking like I just got out of bed. It tends to make me feel like I should be contained behind a glass wall at the zoo. So I think that I will begin a weekly post called Trendy Tuesday. Beginning today.

(Side Note:I really have an addiction to Polyvore. Honestly  I place all blame for this addiction on my mother. She’s the one who introduced me to this website. Basically, you can sign up then create outfits piece by piece. I love it.)
Here is this week’s outfit:

just because
This outfit consists of:
    • a cute but messy hairstyle (I’m a sucker for messy ponytails!)
    • Light and natural make-up. Just enough to make you look fresh and ready to take on the day!
    • A natural(ish) and shiny lipgloss. I LOVE this pink one by Terry Terrybly.
    • Small jewelry accents. You don’t want anything that is going to be hard to manage while you really are going about your daily chores
    • A Cute tanktop that you feel attractive wearing. Nothing fancy.
    • I nice pair of sweats that are both flattering and comfy. It’s important that they look good and hug your curves in an appealing manner.
    • Everyone loves a good pair of chucks. They look good and they’re easy to function in.
    • Last but not least a bag that is functional and doesn’t look out of place with the grungy/cute look you have going on.
I hope you enjoyed this week’s Trendy Tuesday.  I had a lot of fun writing it!