Expanding Horizons

Ok, So I know I didn’t change the appearance of my blog. To be honest I LOVE this blog and the way it looks. So I have instead made a few changes.
First? I have added to my “About” page. You can view it here.  I have expanded a little about my home life and current goals. I really want you, my readers to understand a little bit more about me before  diving into my world head on!
Second? This blog is now not just about my house and maintaining it, but my life as well. Be prepared to see stories of my life, recipes (both healthy and not) and well any randomness that may inspire me to write. I really think I will enjoy this so much more. Although anything “Nerdy” I will reserve for my other blog Confessions of a Nerd’s Wife. I have really enjoyed trying to keep up with them both!
Third? I have created an Amazon store. Items I link into posts, that I use and love or even some items that are on my wishlist and also desire to share with you I will add to the store. Feel free to browse. ^_^

I think that this will be fun and I hope you enjoy!