Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
This year has been quiet, but an over abundance of food certainly carries on. I am ready to fall into my self induced food coma and sleep it off for a couple of months.
This week however has been pretty eventful. Some good, some bad and some in between. Regardless, life goes on.
One of the good things is that I finally managed to work on a new biscotti recipe I have been considering for a couple of months now.
Once I get a little time at home I will post it! I am really excited about this one!


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


Chaos Revisited

Wow this weekend went from crazy to crazier! I did eventually finish my baking.  I even had fun doing it AND recieved an offer of help from my hubby.  I didn’t take it but it was nice that he offered.  The oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies were a great hit at the guys night thing.  I had several of the men come up to me after church commenting on how they had never seen anything like that before and it was AMAZING.  Just the reaction that makes me giddy. Luckily I made a double batch and took some to the potluck where they went over equally as well.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

I also made Butterfinger Brownies. When I went to cut them after they had cooled I realized I had blackend on the bottoms. Which resulted in  me bursting in tears. That was really the second time I’ve ever burned anything. However I became suddenly inspired when I realized that the bottom was the only thing burned. So I rolled the salvagable parts of the brownies into balls and dubbed them “Brownie bites”!  They went over famously well also.

Last but not least I also made Bacon wrapped jalapenos that were stuffed with cream cheese.  I cannot tell you how painful this one was.  It seems my skin does not at all like jalapeno juice. So by the time I had halved and de-seeded 40 jalapenos my hands looked like they were sporting bright red fingerless gloves, and they felt like they are on fire. FINALLY I think I have rid myself of the burning.  Let me tell you, the burning was well worth it. I took 80 peppers to the potluck and came home with a dozen.  They were a huge hit! I was really surprised.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

Over all great weekend. Yesterday I found myself caught up with sorting and editing all the pictures I managed to take around the event.  It took me the better part of the day.  How was your weekend? Did you take a relaxing route for your plans? Or maybe a more filled and busy route?

Happy Saturday!

Today went by WAY too fast!  I spent the first part of my morning lounging in bed with the laptop listening to my children argue over who gets to pick the next cartoon and trying to figure out what dessert to make for my husband to take to his UFC Fight Night with the med from our church.  He signed me up to make a dessert and I completely forgot about it until this morning! As I was trying to decide what to make for that I realized “OMG” our church potluck is tomorrow afternoon! So instead of just one thing to make I ended up with 3.  But that’s OK. I LOVE to bake. Especially when it’s for other people.

What did I bake? Oh I know you are dying to know! I made a double batch of Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Half for tonight then half to take tomorrow. I know extreme right? I was trying to think of “Manly” desserts. Although honestly nothing about desserts in general speak “Oh now THAT’S a manly dessert right there!”. So I went with something I knew my husband would go crazy over. Chances are if J liked it then everyone else would too.
I also baked Butterfinger Brownies AND I sliced and de-seeded Jalapenos because I am going to make bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos to take tomorrow also. I completely forgot how much my skin HATES jalapenos.   It’s pretty bad when your nose starts running just because of the fumes, and your hands get swollen and red thanks to those spicey jalapeno juices!  All I have left if stuffing and wrapping them.  Wonder if I’ll have time to do it tomorrow before the potluck? Hmmm….

I will definitely post pictures later. And the recipes for the brownies and the stuffed jalapenos can probably be found at Restless Chipotle. They are her recipes.  R.C. is a blog run by my mother Marye Audet-White.  You can find many amazing recipes there for sure!
How’s your weekend going so far?

A Coffee Bar?

I originally found this on pinterest. Of course I repinned it into one of my own boards! This is the perfect space for coffee addicts to have their own place in the home. Thankfully I wouldn’t have any disapproval from my husband since his thoughts on coffee mirror my own.

Click the image to visit The Vintage Wren where this genius space was originally discovered

I really hate having to dig out all the needed items every morning to make coffee.  Actually J makes the coffee way more often than I do.  So when I DO make the coffee I really hate having to dig it out. I would really like to have a space that is dedicated to that heavenly energy giving life substance.  Though, I don’t just want a space for it. I want a space that is attractive to look at. A space that is enticing and uses its “coffee induced wiles” to beckon to me. ” Erin you want to visit me  don’t you? Look at what I can give to you. I have coffee…..” Yup I’m sold.

I think there are a few changes I would make to the setup, only because of personal prefferences. I LOVE the cabinet, so I am really hoping to find one of similar style on Craigslist or at a local thrift store. I’m not big drip brewing  coffee pots, so I’m thinking I need to buy a nicer coffee press maybe one that makes more than 3 cups of coffee. Though I would definitely consider adding an espresso machine! Mainly because I have always wanted one.  I really like this shelf, maybe with these hooks mounted underneath the shelf for coffee mugs.  I would probably paint them one of my accent colors though.  Then I will eventually purchase some canisters from The Jar Store for keeping my coffee beans as fresh as possible. I really like this Apothecary Jar.  For just a little over 1$ you can’t beat that! They would be really nice to hold coffee beans, and sugar. Then I would need to perhaps find some pallet matching mugs!

What do you think?  What would you change to add to your personal style?