Sometimes time just slips away…

It is well established that I am horrible about remembering to post regularly. I am honestly too afraid to even look at the date of my last post and see how long it has truly been!  I assume however that my last post was sometime before Christmas.  That’s about when things got so chaotic that I lost my sense of reality. I shall not bore you with tales of my chaos though. We’ll move right along into the here and now.
The kids are home for the summer. Our oldest has already spent a week at camp and returned home trying to make up for her lost time in bossiness I suppose. She had an amazing time and while I did miss her terribly and the house felt awfully empty, I am relieved and happy to have her home.  We have some lake time planned for this week and I am really looking forward to it!

My maintaining the housework is pretty lacking right now. I lost track of my routine and I need to find the motivation to restart it.  I really do however, look forward to a time when we have enough space in our house to facilitate our family.
I have started running! About 4 weeks ago. This has been an unimagined blessing in disguise. I find that I LOVE the 30 minutes I spend alone with the road and my music. So far I can pull 2.16 miles in about 30 minutes. I definitely intend to be persistent and improve my time and hopefully add some more distance soon. Although what really matters is that I am feeling better physically and about myself in general.