Trendy Tuesday: A Very Pink Day

I cannot believe it is already Tuesday again! How does this happen? I’ve no clue.  Perhaps it’s the curse of summer. At the end of every day and think to myself:  “Self, today passed by way tooo quickly. Tomorrow I will be more productive!”
It’s a vicious cycle.

I am in a very pink mood today. Pink happens to be my favorite color, but it takes a special mood to wear more than an accessory or two. I also have a great love for cupcakes and well, any other sort of baked good that happens to be both sweet and tasty. So today I combine the two things:

Untitled #6

This week’s outfit includes:

  • A cute black tank top.
  • Some of my most favorite jeans I’ve found. (These WILL be in my wardrobe one day)
  • Pink shoes that happen to have cupcakes and icecream cones on them! (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • A Very cute pink watch
  • The most gorgeous cupcake necklace I have ever seen!
  • Cute cherry earrings (Cherries definitely go with cupcakes!)
  • Some of the most awesome sunglasses I have ever seen!
  • Amazing pink and silver glittery nailpolish.  Glitter and pink almost always go well together!
  • Imagine smokey eyes with pink and black shadows? Yes please!
  • Last but not least: pink lip gloss! Love love LOVE!


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