Trendy Tuesday- A night out

I find myself longing for a night where I can dress up in something classy and be escorted around town by my fabulous hubby (who also happens to be my best friend)


Untitled #21
I love this outfit because it is classy and I LOVE the red accents of the shoes and bag:

  • A classy updo. Not too complex but nice enough that it doesn’t clash with the style of the dress.
  • Natural Make-up
  • A Nice red shade of lipstick. (Sometimes that is absolutely a must!)
  • Beautiful red heels to contrast the neutral colors of the dress
  • a GORGEOUS red bag to accent the shoes. (You know they have to match!)
  • A sexy pair of over sized sunglasses.
  • Lots of pearls.  I am personally not a huge wearer of pearls, but sometimes they are just the perfect accent to an outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this “Trendy Tuesday”! I truly hope it inspires you to go out and make yourself feel beautiful!


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