One Long Week

 Ever have one of those weeks that flies by faster than a bullet? This week has been one of those.  I found myself lost somewhere between the the lines of weariness and screaming children. However, I am not sure where between those lines I find myself currently.
  I am sure of the fact that my house is a disaster but the kids are sleeping, Hubby is out with a friend and the house is completely silent. What an oddity. So that being said I have come to the conclusion that I shall make the most of this time. No, not by cleaning but just enjoying the silence. I shall write a blog post or two and then find one of my many books that are on my phone and lose myself in literature.
 I love to read especially classic authors like Hemingway, Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells.
Do you like to read? What does your reading list look like?


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