Happy Saturday!

Today went by WAY too fast!  I spent the first part of my morning lounging in bed with the laptop listening to my children argue over who gets to pick the next cartoon and trying to figure out what dessert to make for my husband to take to his UFC Fight Night with the med from our church.  He signed me up to make a dessert and I completely forgot about it until this morning! As I was trying to decide what to make for that I realized “OMG” our church potluck is tomorrow afternoon! So instead of just one thing to make I ended up with 3.  But that’s OK. I LOVE to bake. Especially when it’s for other people.

What did I bake? Oh I know you are dying to know! I made a double batch of Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Half for tonight then half to take tomorrow. I know extreme right? I was trying to think of “Manly” desserts. Although honestly nothing about desserts in general speak “Oh now THAT’S a manly dessert right there!”. So I went with something I knew my husband would go crazy over. Chances are if J liked it then everyone else would too.
I also baked Butterfinger Brownies AND I sliced and de-seeded Jalapenos because I am going to make bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos to take tomorrow also. I completely forgot how much my skin HATES jalapenos.   It’s pretty bad when your nose starts running just because of the fumes, and your hands get swollen and red thanks to those spicey jalapeno juices!  All I have left if stuffing and wrapping them.  Wonder if I’ll have time to do it tomorrow before the potluck? Hmmm….

I will definitely post pictures later. And the recipes for the brownies and the stuffed jalapenos can probably be found at Restless Chipotle. They are her recipes.  R.C. is a blog run by my mother Marye Audet-White.  You can find many amazing recipes there for sure!
How’s your weekend going so far?


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