This week feels like it has just flown by. I’ve definitely lazed around since the 4th.  I am usually a great lover of holidays. They are an excuse to get together with family and friends to have a good time and make happy memories. I don’t know about you but I really like happy memories! This 4th of July was unusually lazy. J had to work, my original plans fell through, my sister was at camp and to be honest I was feeling kinda down. So what did I do? I talked to my mom.
    I ended up taking the kids to Mom’s and we still did absolutely nothing, but we did nothing with other people.  My  mom cooked, my step-father grilled and J met up with us over there for dinner after he got off work. We had a good time but missing family members were definitely missed.  By the time we should have left to go watch fireworks none of the adults felt like going anywhere. So we let the older kids (17- 19 year olds) take the littles out back to light sparklers. While all us grownups sat around the table and talked and joked.

   This is my crew, don’t let the cuteness fool you. From left to right: B (3), G (8) and A (10).
Yesterday I took my crew to the lake and I  layed on the beach while the older two kids swam and the youngest played on the beach making sand pies and bird baths. I am determined to make my legs not so white. So far it’s a success just a little slow.
   It was a very pleasant and relaxing afternoon. It surprises me when I take all three kids out in public and we don’t end up having to leave early. They actually listened with minimal complaining when I asked them to play with B for a little bit. I mean really I didn’t have to threaten to sell them to the gypsies once! This is what I call progress.
  Today we are continuing on with the theme of “Lazy”.  The kids and I are spending the day watching movies and then when J gets home tonight I am going to make chicken wraps for dinner and we will pack it up  picnic style and head back out to the lake and spend family night out there instead of in the house. We havn’t told the kids yet, they’re in for a surprise since J is generally not a fan of anything outdoors!  I think it’s a nice change-up and since J will be with us I think I will take my camera along and snap a few nice photos.

  How was your holiday? Did you do anything special? What is the happiest memory you made on this 4th of July?


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